Forward caste list in tamilnadu pdf

Caste system among Indian Christians

Details about the population of Tamil Nadu based on India Census Tamil Nadu district wise population, population based on religion in Tamil Nadu. Get complete demographics about Tamil Nadu. Religion Data. The following table shows the total number of people belonging to each religion in Tamil Nadu. Get Political Survey Done. Constituency Profiling. Election Campaign Mgmt. Election Result Analysis. Social Media Management. How to win an election. Skip to content. You are here: Home TN.

Caste demographics. Religion not stated.

தமிழ் சினிமாவில் சாதி! / Tamil Movie Caste.

Google Translate. AITC - The voting for this poll has ended on: 07 Feb - Castes of Tamilnadu. Non Tamils. SC ST. Hindu Nadars. Kongu Vellala gounder. Delhi Assembly Election Dates Bihar Assembly Election Dates New Delhi: Having put on hold 27 per cent quota for OBCs in Central educational institutions, the Supreme Court on Thursday wanted to know whether Government could spell out norms for going ahead with its reservation policy and submit a fact-sheet to it.

While senior advocate Harish Salve was pressing that the concept of equality as defined in the Constitution cannot be given a go-by, the Bench remarked that "the government was bound by the recommendation of the National Commission of Backward Caste NCBC.

Salve submitted that if the statute calls for reservation for a class, then it class has to be identified and government must come out with the parameters about backwardness. While Salve had strong opposition to the Central Educational Institution Reservation for Admission Act,senior advocate K Parasaran, appearing for the Tamil Nadu Government said: "They upper caste dominated for centuries and now they should suffer.

At this, the Bench said suppose only 10 per cent people were the oppressor, then why the 90 per cent people should suffer now. Salve also said it cannot be said if Brahmins have oppressed others in Tamil Nadu for years, now it was their turn.

The senior advocate said special provision providing quota to OBCs has to be the act of balance for social engineering. It cannot be on personal expression, data or hunches," he said adding that "political compulsions are driving the reservation policy.

However, "the system is misfiring," he said and elaborated it further by stating that government has not done anything in the post-Indra Sawhney judgement Mandal case for identifying the 'Creamy Layer' among the OBCs to exclude them from the benefit of reservation. Salve said selection of caste for reservation would further perpetuate caste system which then would destroy the purpose of quota by way of special provision.

Tracing the history of reservation, Salve said in the pre Census, people used to plead to be registered as forward case and now reverse was happening.

The court by its March 29 order had stayed the implementation of the law providing 27 per cent quota stating that the data based on a year-old Census cannot be the determining factor for affirmative action.

Click here to contribute to the cause. Subscribe to News18 Daybreak. I agree to receive emails from News18 I promise to vote in this year's elections no matter what the odds are. Please check above checkbox. Follow Us On. Quota policy reservation norm supreme court Tamil Nadu. Next Story. Live TV. Countdown To Elections Results. Health Dep.Agamudayar including Thozhu or Thuluva Vellala.

Agaram Vellan Chettiar. Archakarai Vellala. I formerly S. Dekkani Muslims. Devangar, Sedar. Gowda including Gammala, Kalali and Anuppa Gounder. IllathuPillaimar, Illuvar, Ezhuvar and Illathar.

Kaikolar, Sengunthar. Kallar Kula Thondaman. Kalveli Gounder. Kani, Kanisu, Kaniyar Pannikar. Kaniyala Vellalar. Kannadiya Naidu. Karpoora Chettiar. Kasukkara Chettiar. Katesar, Pattamkatti. Kerala Mudali. Kongu Vaishnava. Kudikara Vellalar. Kuga Vellalar. Labbais including Rowthar and Marakayar whether their spoken language is Tamil or Urdu. Lingayat Jangama. Mahratta Non-Brahmin including Namdev Mahratta. Moondrumandai Enbathunalu 84 Ur.

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Sozhia Vellalar. Muthuraja, Muthuracha, Muthiriyar, Mutharaiyar. Nangudi Vellalar. Oottruvalanattu Vellalar. Paiyur Kotta Vellalar. Kathikarar in Kanniyakumari District. Pannirandam Chettiar or Uthama Chettiar. Perike including Perike Balija. Podikara Vellalar. Pooluva Gounder. Pulavar in Coimbatore and Erode Districts. Pulluvar or Pooluva.Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds.

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List of Telugu castes

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But I was not brought up knowing anything about the caste system for Tamils. I googled Tamil Castes, hoping to find pages of hits with academic studies and blog posts on the subject. But I hit a wall. Most of the actual studies that are on google are about caste system for Sri Lankan Tamils. Then I found this.

forward caste list in tamilnadu pdf

It's a report by a Canadian refugee board, for the UN Refugee agency, and it is about: "Castes for Tamils living in the State of Tamil Nadu; whether Tamils belong to a specific caste; whether they are related to the untouchables Harijans or Dalits ; whether they face any problems with other castes or with the authorities because they belong to a particular caste - December " The report is about a specific set of issues dealing with caste, but this part caught my attention: Quote: "Although no information could be found as to the specific names of the various castes found in Tamil Nadu, How about putting together a list of resources on this subject.

Edit: I just want to mention that there are good reasons why in order to eliminate a virus we need to first study it properly. Haldane, on being asked to falsify evolution. Website Find. Like Post. To begin with, I found the names of the castes that are classified as SC and ST from the census website. Full lists are in the attachments. Its a start. Thanks for those links, Aditya and Geetha. The last one seemed comprehensive. I am amazed at the number of castes!

I've extracted the details from the links provided by Geetha and Aditya, and am posting the complete list of Backward and Scheduled castes from TN below. List of notified Scheduled Castes. Ajita, the Pondicherry bit at the end does not belong in this list! View a Printable Version Subscribe to this thread. Current time: Apr, AM.

Linear Mode.Which castes are seen as higher castes and which are the lowest ones in Tamil Nadu and Kerala? Is he same rule applied in Karnataka and Andhra as well? I am not too sure about the caste break-up in other states.

But I do know a bit about how it is in my home state, Kerala. The classification was very unique. But I shall not take that into consideration for this answer. As in all places, the Brahmins are placed at the highest level. There are different types of Brahmins in the state. The native Namboothiris form THE highest rung of the caste ladder.

They are all clans that have moved from nearby states to Kerala several generations ago and have made it their permanent home. Next comes the Kshatriyas. They are members of the erstwhile ruling families of the kingdoms of Malabar, Kochi and Thiruvithamkoor, and members of several baronial estates. They usually carry the surname Varma, Thampuran, Raja, etc. Members of the Thirumoolpaad Thiruppaad class are also considered to be Kshatriyas. Then come the Ambalavasis that include clans like Chakyar, Nambiar disputed as some say they belong to the Nair sectMarar, Poduval, Warrier, etc.

They were traditionally those who performed various duties in the temples. The Nair sect is by far the largest and most diverse of all FC sects in Kerala. The gradual transition from FC to the lower castes happen within the Nair sect itself. This means that not all Nairs are FC. The highest rungs of Nairs are Malayala Kshatriyas, while the lowest rungs are Shudras.Forward castes form about Those groups that qualify for reservation benefits are listed as Other Backward Class or Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribesand they can avail defined quotas amongst other benefits for education, special government schemes, government employment and political representation.

The lists of general, Other Backward class and Scheduled Castes, and Scheduled Tribes are compiled irrespective of religion. As of [update]forward castes had to compete only in the open category, as they are considered socially, educationally, and economically advanced. To meet their aspirations, demands have been raised for providing separate reservations for the poor among forward caste populations.

These parties account for over of the members in the current parliament, as well as holding power in most states in the union. Many backward caste leaders allege forward castes are overrepresented in many spheres of life. Very few reports are available regarding representation of various communities in public—private services and admissions in educational institutions.

This has resulted in protests from Forward caste community members and supporters from other communities under the banner of Youth For Equality and by All India Anti Reservation Front. They [ who? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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forward caste list in tamilnadu pdf

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Kallar,Maravar,Agamudayaar are the sub-castes under Thevar Community. Asked in Politics and Government Where you can get tamilnadu voters list?

What are the higher castes in Tamil Nadu and Kerala?

It belongs to Other Backward Castes of Kerala. Asked in Buddhism Is Buddhism a forward caste? Buddhism in one sense is without any castes. Asked in Electronics Engineering, Chennai, Coimbatore List of electronics and instrumentation companies in tamilnadu? Asked in Tamil Nadu What are the seniority list for sewing teachers in tamilnadu? Asked in Tamil Nadu List out the top 10 institutions for ethical hacking and networking in tamilnadu?

forward caste list in tamilnadu pdf

Asked in Orphanages List of orphanages in tamilnadu in brief? But, in kerala Reddy is in OBC list. Asked in Caste System What group was at very bottom of the caste system and did not belong to any varna? Scheduled castes and tribes untouchables in the history are not part of any varna.

Only 4 varnas were existed. There are brahmin, kshatriya, vysya and shudra. Many groups of Shudras are now belong to forward castes and backward castes. However, the scheduled castes and tribes still facing the descrimination in every part of their lives.

According to history the so called schedule castes sons of the soil - Indigenous Warriors were driven out by aryas and they became outcasted as these were the first warriors had fought aryan invaders. The Harijans are the schedule castes or low castes in India. Asked in Tamil Nadu Chairman human rights commission-tamilnadu? There are 32 districts in Tamilnadu.

Asked in Tamil Nadu, Meerut List of tamilnadu ncte and dce approved colleges?


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